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When you arrive at Aiglon you will be allocated to a House that will become your term-time home, a place where many of your closest friendships and most lasting memories will be formed. Indeed, 90% of students are boarders.

The House system is a hallmark of a British-style education. At Aiglon there are eight Houses in total: four for girls and four for boys (all Houses are single-sex), with six in the Senior School and two in the Junior School.

Each house is home to around 50 students (up to 40 in the Junior School) and will have a particular personality – often influenced by its Houseparent, and bolstered by the House’s own distinctive traditions and identity.

Within each House, students occupy a study bedroom shared with no more than three others (sixth formers are in single or double rooms), and there are common rooms, a dining room, and other communal spaces, such as a kitchen and a games room.

Houseparents live on-site; assisting them are Deputy Houseparents and the tutors who are assigned to each child.

Students also play a strong role in looking out for their peers, and each House’s captains and prefects take the lead on this.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum