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Broaden your child's horizon, select from a range of Swiss Summer and Winter Camps.

Our experts are at your full disposal, to help you understand all of the options and assist with the selection of the most suitable camp for your children throughout the summer or winter holiday.

Private schools in Switzerland attract children from all over the world to attend their summer and winter camps, providing international experience. The untouched nature, magnificent Alps and numerous lakes, paired with the Swiss attitude, great infrastructure, cleanliness and safety, make our country a haven for your child. Imagine the finest educators teaching your children whilst they enjoy all the comforts and activities that Switzerland has to offer. This is truly the a life-changing experience for any young mind.

Activiting mind and body

Aside from learning languages and making new friends, children can enjoy activities such as sailing, horse back riding, biking, hiking, swimming and much more. Take a look at our unique selection below.

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