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To have a better idea of the general curriculum proposed by CdL, please go ahead and explore the details in the CdL School Curriculum Chart.
“CdL School Curriculum Chart”


Small Classes, Big Opportunities

  • The small numbers of 16 to 18 children in each class allow the teachers (with only 12 maximum in the 2 year old class (PS0), with the help of their assistants, to realise creative, stimulating and varied projects.
  • In each class, there is access to computers and Ipads to offer enrichment to the process. For children of 3 or 4 (PS2 ou PS1), the Preschool offers education in French, in English or in both languages (bilingual) according to the choice of the parents.
  • Our young pupils learn to speak French or English without any effort because they understand, listen, and communicate with each-other by being engaged in all sorts of activities in their class. The child is motivated by the desire to participate and adapts naturally and quickly to this new language environment.
  • At 5 years of age (PS3), reading is taught in the child’s mother tongue or the main language in which he/ she will study in Primary School. The rest of the curriculum can be taught through immersion (target language).

Safe, Secure, and Welcoming

    • Our Preschool classrooms are appropriate to the level of our young children and present a warm, secure and welcoming environment. Our international teaching team of devoted and attentive teachers watch our children’s individual needs.
    • Several play areas allow the pupils to relax outside safely and continue to be able to socialise with each other. During lunch-time, meals prepared by our Chef or lunch-boxes brought from home are taken in the canteen with the teachers.
  • Twice a year, our students perform on stage in front of their parents. This strengthens their confidence and develops their artistic and speech abilities. These are very special moments in their schooling.


The Primary School offers our international student population a challenging curriculum.

About the IPC

The IPC focuses on a combination of academic, personal and international learning for children worldwide, combined with innovative and exciting ways to learn.It provides a cross-curricular, thematic, rigorous teaching structure that engages children of all abilities in today’s world.

The IPC is designed to help children:

    • Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects
    • Engage with their learning so they remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and their lives
    • Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives
    • Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture at the same time as they develop a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others


      • Challenging curricula e.g IPC / Cambridge
      • Experienced teachers who teach in their mother tongues
      • Specialist teachers (in Art, Sport, Music and Science) and additional language teachers

Cultural and Linguistic:

      • Bilingual programme (bilingualism at CdL) or choice between French & English
      • Possibility to pass between the programs
      • A multicultural and multilingual environment
      • Continual study and reflection about the teaching of additional languages

Personal, Social and Emotional Education

        • At CdL we recognize that the education of the whole child is important. That is why we place a great emphasis on programmes which promote the positive well- being and self-esteem of all children and also develop the skills necessary for our students to become responsible global citizens in the 21st century.
        • Please contact us if you would like to learn more about each of the Grade levels 1 to 5.

Middle School

        • Middle School is an exciting transition from Primary School to High School, from child to adolescent. Explore the details of the CdL Middle School in the Guide.
        • CdL Middle School Guide

High School

        • The main focus of the High School is to prepare students for entrance to the best colleges and universities throughout the world by providing a broad educational experience playing to the strengths and interests of each individual. Explore the details of the CdL High School Curriculum in the Overview.
        • CdL High School Curriculum Overview

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