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Infant and Primary School:

The Haut-Lac International Bilingual School is a co-educational day school for children welcoming children from the age of 3 to 11 years into its Infant and Primary sections.

The school building for this age group is situated opposite the Praz Dagoud playing fields in the commune of Saint-Légier, and is surrounded by beautiful views of the lake or the mountains from every floor, an enchanting environment for your children to learn and to grow in.

In Haut-Lac all children work and learn in two languages, either in the Bilingual section where they follow a programme with a 50/50 language split, or in the predominantly English section, where they still have one lesson in French per day from the age of three.

Haut-Lac puts the child at the centre of its activities and although there are many different nationalities and languages (45 and 25 respectively in 2013-2014), differing levels of ability, and varied curriculum experiences on arrival, we aim to guide the development of each and every child so that they can reach their maximum potential through an exciting, motivating, hands on and holistic programme of study.

The school believes not only in the importance of French and English, maths and science as vital components in any child’s education throughout their primary years, but also in the overarching impact of arts, sports and cultural awareness in creating well balanced children.

We aim high for every member of our community, parents, teachers and children. We work hard, we play hard and our community spirit and team work are second to none.

Secondary School:

The Haut-Lac Secondary school offers a programme of study from 11 to 18.

Passing through the IBMYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme 11-16) and culminating in the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma).

The focus for our students is to learn through a holistic approach. We strive to challenge our students academically orienting them towards a bilingual Diploma, however, we also underline the importance of using all their potential talents to the full whether that be in the world of music, art, sport or service to the community.

Our aim is to turn out mature independent individuals who know how to approach our ever-changing world with the tools to make their place in it.

Individual Educational Needs:

We know that some students will need additional support during part or all of their school education to ensure access to the whole curriculum. Therefore, the Individual Needs department at Haut-Lac aims to support and/or extend students by ensuring that their specific learning needs are addressed so that each student can achieve his/her potential.

Haut-Lac maintains a team of trained specialist teachers and assistants to work with those of our students who require support and/or extension.

Once a student’s specific learning needs have been identified, learning support and/or extension is provided by the class/subject teachers and the Individual Needs Team.

Learning support may be provided within the classroom setting, in small groups or on an individual basis dependent on the individual student’s needs. The opinion of outside specialists is sought where necessary. The Individual Needs Coordinators work closely with all academic staff to ensure that relevant information and advice about a student’s specific needs is shared together with suitable techniques and differentiation strategies.

All stakeholders in the student’s education are involved in planning the student’s individualized educational plans. As the needs of the students change so does the plan of support. Regular monitoring ensures that support and /or extension continues to be provided for as long as required.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum