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At Institut Monte Rosa, we know very well how students (both boys and girls) between 9 and 19 thrive when allowed to grow up in a family-like atmosphere of trust and confidence that encourages them to experience true values, to interact with other nationalities and cultures, and to make new friends.

Monte Rosa: a family atmosphere

That is why we offer every advantage of a truly familiar yet unique environment, a peaceful and safe haven beneficial to your child’s development, as well as facilities promoting achievement and success, adapted to the needs and expectations of each student.

Boys and girls will benefit from separate housing. We provide accommodation in double or triple rooms. All rooms are furnished to European standards, are very comfortable and offer a splendid view of Lake Geneva.

Our school’s infrastructure

The main goal of our private boarding school is to provide our students the best infrastructure that is why we are offering a wide range of equipment adapted to their educational and personal needs, according to their ages:

• 6’000 m2 campus including indoor and outdoor sport facilities

• Computer room with internet access

• TV room

• Snack bar with Wi-Fi

For their comfort, students have the permission to keep their mobile phones during their stay at Monte Rosa.

Personalized accommodation

If you have special requirements, Institut Monte Rosa is able to provide you personalized services if you make the request when you apply. For example, we can provide a single room for your child at special rates if needed.

Our main goal is to bring a very familiar atmosphere for each of our pupils, so that our infrastructure will give them the impression that they are at home, by sharing the pleasure to live with other students, make friends and live an unforgettable experience.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum