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A discovery of different cultures in an exceptional environment.

Individual care and attention.

Forming friendships for life.

An opportunity to learn a variety of languages: At La Garenne, lessons are taught in English. French is compulsory at all grades and bilingualism is encouraged. We maintain strict nationality quotas so that no single nationality dominates. After school language clubs are very popular and students may study Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, English, French or Russian. Private lessons are also available.

A wide variety of sports, weekend expeditions and cultural activities: Sport is a key part of the curriculum. Our philosophy is to instil fair play, team spirit and the will to win. Students participate in a wide variety of sports such as swimming, golf, athletics, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, ice-hockey, karate, tennis, team sports and outdoor activities.

Individual coaching is available in all disciplines for our future professional athletes. The weekends are dedicated to mountain expeditions where students camp, climb, learn to work as a team and improve their self confidence and organisational skills.

A supportive family atmosphere: For over 75 years, La Garenne has provided a warm and inviting environment. We promote traditional values of respect, politeness, organisation, punctuality, tolerance and solidarity. Our house parents attend to every student’s pastoral needs. La Garenne is a home away from home.

High academic standards with state of the art classrooms: Students study internationally-recognised academic programmes validated and accredited by the International Baccalaureate organisation. Students are taught in small groups by specialist, experienced teachers who help each student to advance to a high level.

The role of our dynamic teachers is also to enhance the students personal and social skills, to motivate them to be lifelong learners and to become thoughtful and caring young adults. Our well-balanced timetable provides sport, academic studies, and extracurricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities: La Garenne prides itself on the choice of daily extracurricular activities and clubs on offer. We believe that activities taught by professionals develop a student’s creativity. Language courses, music lessons, drama and sports clubs, dance and ballet, karate, cinema club, chess, craft clubs, ice-skating and weekend expeditions are just some of the options available.

Music and Arts: Music plays an important role in our students’ lives. As well as music lessons, they have the opportunity to learn instruments such as piano, violin and guitar. The use of electronic equipment enables students to create their own multimedia productions.

During art lessons, a range of techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture and collage are taught, allowing students to express themselves and their imagination. The stunning views and exceptional surroundings are a perfect backdrop to develop the creative side in art, music, drama and performance.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum