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If you’re between the ages of 12 and 16, spend two weeks in January or February in the midst of a multicultural community in the heart of Suisse Romande.

Along with other motivated teenage boys and girls, you will participate in engaging personal development workshops, fun creative and artistic activities and an exciting range of sports and excursions to push your limits and achieve things you didn’t know you could do.

The three stages of the camp are a better mind, a better body & a better community. The sports, workshops and trips organised are aimed at teaching you how to gain confidence and be sure of yourself.

    • During the first stage you will learn to identify risks and how to defend yourself against attacks, both physical and mental.
    • During the second stage you will challenge your physical abilities and be taught how to understand your body better and search for inner balance.
    • The last stage of the camp emphasises the development of your creative and communication skills in a larger community.

Your time at the camp will be a combination of fun activities, hands-on workshops, challenging physical activities, cultural visits in Switzerland, relaxing evenings, adventurous excursions and a chance to make friends from around the world.


    • Session 1: 15 January till 28 January 2017
    • Session 2: 29 January till 11 February 2017
    • Session 3: 12 February till 25 February 2017


CHF 7’500.- + CHF 400.- Pocket Money

At the core:

Sports: Yoga, Climbing, Self-defence, Dance, Underwater activities and scuba diving, Acrobatic Horseriding

Workshops: Public speaking and presentation techniques, Musical and theatrical improvisation, Cooking and lifestyle

Trips: Museum visits, discovering Swiss cities, mountain excursions (Jura Mountains and Swiss Alps)

Leisure: After a busy day, time to relax and get to know your friends: karaoke, spa & fitness, cinema

Programme Camp’s Schedule :

You can view the camp’s schedule here.


What you will learn:

      • To be independent and manage yourself
      • To speak in public with confidence and give a presentation successfully
      • To adopt healthy habits online and know how to respond to cyber-bullying
      • To defend your point of view in a discussion and challenge your own ideas
      • To discover and improve your artistic talents and develop new creative skills
      • To identify risk situations and defend yourself if physically attacked
      • To become a citizen of the world with international friends
      • To manage stress and tap into your will-power

What you will enjoy:

      • A memorable experience, with Le Rosey quality and Swiss-made excellence
      • Breath-taking lake-side views and state-of-the-art facilities
      • A new mountain experience with snow sports and activities
      • A welcoming and comfortable environment, characteristic of Le Rosey
      • A complete programme with fun excursions, challenging activities and a real sense of multiculturalism
      • Training and coaching by professionals, with a full staff living on campus
      • A conference programme highlighting Swiss innovation


Each activity is offered with a specific benefit in mind to help you towards becoming more confident and sure of yourself.

      • Climbing: Physical strength, Confidence and Technical skills
      • Self Defense: Physical strength, Mental strength, Confidence and Risk assessment
      • Dance: Physical strength, Technical skills and Creativity
      • Underwater activities: Physical strength, Mental strength and Problem-solving
      • Yoga: Physical strength and Mental strength
      • Acrobatic Horseriding: Physical strength, Confidence and Technical skills
      • Lifestyle: Mental strength, Confidence and Oratory skills
      • Singing: Creativity, Confidence and Oratory skills
      • Speaking & Presenting: Mental strength, Confidence and Oratory skills
      • Curling & Ice-Skating: Physical strength, Confidence and Technical skills
      • Cooking: Mental strength, Confidence, Technical skills and Creativity
      • Trips: Physical strength, Confidence, Cultural Knowledge and Technical skills

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum