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CHF 81’480.- per year – American High School Diploma, Liberal Arts Programme, IGCSE and A Level programmes

CHF 72’750.- per year – Foundation Year

CHF 33’000.- – Fees for students who sign up for just one term (Liberal Arts only)

Application Fee and Guarantee Deposit:

Application Fee – CHF 2’000.- (non-refundable)

Deposit Fee – CHF 5’000.- (refunded at the end of the stay, minus any deductions)

Personal Account – CHF 5’000.- (refunded at the end of the stay, minus any deductions)

Compulsory extra charges:

Swiss Health and Accident Insurance (CHF 3’000.- per academic year). It is compulsory for all Surval students to be covered by the school’s collective medical insurance policy. Dental fees are not covered except as a result of an accident, so a private dental insurance is required.

Ski expenses during the winter term (CHF 2’500.-)

Travel insurance for trips and excursions

School fees are payable in three instalments:

Autumn term: 1 June

Winter term: 15 November

Summer term: 1 March

Payment Methods Available:

Pay invoice issued by Surval Montreux via online banking

Money Transfer via Western Union GlobalPay for students (please download detailed instructions in the download menu to the left)

Credit card (please download the credit card payment form in the download menu to the left)

For your convenience, we recommend you choose making your payment via online banking or money transfer.

The Surval Montreux fees include the following:

Class tuition

Use of facilities, library and access to the Internet

Evening and weekend activities at school or locally

Curricular expeditions within Switzerland (non residential)

Loan of text books and other materials for class (some may need to be bought)

Accommodation and all meals

Laundry (excluding dry cleaning)

Residence tax (taxe de séjour) and permits

Third party insurance cover

Provision of all linen

Winter Camp

Optional Supplementary Charges:

Individual academic, specialist and music lessons (CHF 120.- a lesson)

Public examination entry fees and individual invigilation costs (if required)

School trips outside Switzerland (or residential trips in Switzerland)

Weekend excursions, cultural and recreational trips where significant entry or travel fees are charged. The number of outings allowed per student is limited; on average, a student will be involved in up to 12 outings per school year;

these may cost between CHF 60.- and CHF180.- depending on the venue and transport needed

Ski equipment rentals and team clothing where appropriate

Airport travel to/from the school, special escorts and booking fees

Dry cleaning

Costs arising from damage to property

Parents are recommended to take out cancellation insurance for school trips as no reimbursement is possible

Re-registration for the following academic year:

For all students registered in our Foundation Year, High School, IGCSE and A Level

Parents who wish to withdraw their daughter from Surval for the following academic year should do so in writing no later than 1 April (before the start of the summer term)

Surval will automatically renew enrolment and keep a place for students for whom no formal withdrawal has been submitted by 1 April

If a registration is cancelled after 1 April, the fee for first term for the next academic year is due

Cancellation and Fees Due:

Before starting at Surval (for new students): if a formal letter of cancellation is received before the payment deadline, a cancellation fee of CHF 5’000.- will be retained.

If the letter is received after the payment deadline, the fees for the first term are due.

If a student is withdrawn by the parents from the school during the term, the fees for that term, together with those for the following term, are due

During the course of a term, should a student be withdrawn from Surval with the consent of both parents and of Surval, only fees for that term are due

If a student is expelled from the school, only fees for that term are due

Parents are advised to take out cancellation insurance in case a student needs to leave without due notice

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum