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German is the second most spoken language in Europe. Spoken by two thirds of the population, German is an essential business language in Switzerland.

Even though our Swiss language camps are based in the French speaking part of Switzerland, every year SLC offers a German language summer program for adolescents aged 10 to 16 in our Leysin campus. Class content is varied, covering grammar and vocabulary topics as well as interactive exercises and games that help developing communication skills.

Students who wish to learn German benefit from ideal learning conditions with small classes (average size of 8 students) and teachers of German mother tongue. Every student takes a placement test upon arrival, and receives a certificate at the end of their stay.

We at SLC want our summer camps in Switzerland to become an unforgettable experience for all participants. That’s why we combine our morning classes (4 x 45 minutes) with recreational activities in the afternoons.

Participants can choose the length of their stay from 1 to 4 weeks. It is possible to combine a German language camp with a French or English language summer program.

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G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum