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GBS offers a tailor-made schedule for every student. We realise the significance of juggling your professional commitments and your academic timetable. After many years of experience, we have developed a system to allow the maximum choice of subjects every semester with the ability for all of our students to combine theory and practice.


GBS combines the US system for accreditation and quality control, the European (Bologna) system for credits (E.C.T.S.) and the Swiss grading system. The numerous international accreditations that GBS holds, entitle the transfer of credits to other universities and to ensure that GBS is in line with the quality control bench-mark with the other high-quality universities around the world.


With the HeadQuarters based in Geneva, we have other GBS hubs and satellite campuses around the world. There are also any many international exchange programs allowing the transfer of students to and from the different campuses. The credits can be accumulated across the campuses and you can gain a truly international experience. There are over 60 nationalities currently represented.


At Geneva Business School we make every effort to remain in contact with our successful alumni network. We are PROUD of the fact that many of our alumni hold top level management positions, spanning across the globe, which is proof of the high quality of of our programs.


At Geneva Business School we provide an exclusive and privileged education in a stable environment, inspired by the Swiss learning ideal. Through the concentration of CORE, ORIENTATION and ELECTIVE courses, GBS strives to provide the best foundations for all of our students with an emphasis on “Swiss-style” small class sizes.


The GBS curriculums are regularly updated to cater to changing market demand, this is possible due to the continuous feedback from our active professors. With our programs, students are able to cover all aspects of business but still have the possibility to emphasise on their preferred area of studies.


The philosophy across the network of GBS, is to employ highly educated professionally active faculty members to teach. Our current faculty have excellent academic credentials and literally leave their office to teach students at GBS, before returning later in the day.


With the assistance of the GBS student council, students quickly see that the importance of participating outside of the class-room is equally important to participating inside of the class-room. The goals include maintaining a healthy life-style, creating an active network, and engaging in the GBS community.


You have access to a dedicated Career Workshop team who will prepare you for interviews and job applications, in addition to searching for professional opportunities. Internships are offered during all programs with highly established businesses.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum