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IHTTI School of Hotel Management is one of the leading Swiss hotel management schools worldwide, sharing the best industry practices and preparing students for management careers in the international hospitality sector since 1984. Alumni of our international hotel school are IHTTI’s strongest credential, taking the strong knowledge and passion learned at IHTTI to key management positions all over the world.
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The IHTTI campus is located in the heart of Neuchâtel, a vibrant Swiss university city. Our Swiss hotel school is ideally situated between the train station and the lake of Neuchâtel, close to retail outlets, museums, cultural venues, leisure and nightlife facilities. Exciting job opportunities await in the dynamic, international hospitality industry!

Avenue de la Gare 15-17
2000 Neuchâtel

Starting Dates/Course Calendar


8 February 2016 ‒ 10 June 2016
5 September 2016 ‒ 27 January 2017*


6 February 2017 ‒ 9 June 2017
4 September 2017 ‒ 26 January 2018*


5 February 2018 ‒ 8 June 2018
3 September 2018 ‒ 25 January 2019*

Postgraduate Diploma and Master programme are only available for February intakes.

Application Deadline

You are advised to send your application as soon as possible as places are limited in the school.

For students who require a visa to enter Switzerland it is important that you contact the Swiss Embassy in your home country to find out the length of time necessary for your visa application. In certain countries it may take up to 12 weeks for a visa to be approved.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum