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A modern yet traditional Swiss Boarding school, Beau Soleil has around 240 students. Its size is small enough for everyone to know one another yet at the same time allows the chance for our students to learn to become more independent and to grow in confidence in a family environment.

The provision at Beau Soleil is full boarding, meaning that students can be at the school throughout the school term, except during half term breaks. During these breaks pupils either return to their homes or explore the world on school trips.

The students are housed in either the modern boarding rooms within the main school building or within smaller chalets located near the school site and are grouped according to age and gender.

The younger students are looked after in separate boarding house, La Renardière, which has a distinctive character suitable for this age group.

Each boarding house is run by a house parent who has responsibility for the wellbeing of the students in their care and is a contact point for parents.

The houses become the ‘home away from home’ – the houseparent is in daily contact with each child, and the lessons learnt in living together are of value throughout life.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum