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ENSR offers a College Counselling service that provides advice to students with regard to their higher education choices and applications for institutions both in Switzerland and abroad. The School regularly informs students about university open days and information sessions taking place locally and also organises university presentations and ‘mini-fairs’ within the School.

Such events give students the opportunity to speak directly with admissions tutors from a variety of Swiss and European institutions. The College Counsellor, Miss Emilie Armstrong, is available to speak to students on an individual basis throughout the school year.

The College Counselling service aims to:

respond to questions students may have about different university systems, institutions and programmes,

suggest institutions and/or programmes that may be of interest to students,

communicate to students key deadlines and procedures to follow for university applications,

provide help, upon request, with applications (for example the proof-reading of a personal essay),

provide the necessary documentation (school reports and reference letters, for example) to institutions,

provide support material for aptitude/language tests that students must take if applying to anglophone institutions,

encourage students to assist relevant presentations, information sessions and open days,

encourage students to speak to admissions tutors who visit the School.

The College Counselling service is not responsible for:

choosing a higher education institution or programme for students,

completing university applications on behalf of a student unless the student requests this and respects the internal deadlines provided.

The first 45 minute consultation period in the College Counselling service is included in the School fees. Parents are informed that thereafter, time spent in consultation with the student or researching information for the student is billed at the same rate as a private lesson, namely CHF 74.-

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum