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Admissions and Administration Fees

  • Admission Fee: CHF 3,500 per child
  • This is a “one off” fee payable upon acceptance and confirmation of your child’s place at our school. At present this admission fee is waived for any child joining from a school in the Cantons of Vaud and Geneva regardless of the proposed year of entry. In line with normal entry procedures, we ask for payment of CHF 3,500 to confirm your child’s place and this amount is deducted from the first term’s fees.
  • Annual administration and re-enrolment: No cost
  • There are no annual administration fees payable for students re-enrolling for subsequent years.

Convenient, structured payments for an outstanding education

  • We want all of our GEMS parents to feel informed about school fees and be able to plan their school year. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information. We are always happy to help at any stage.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount will be applied in order of descending age as follows:

2nd child: 5% reduction on the Tuition Fees

3rd, and each subsequent child: 10% reduction on the Tuition Fees


Merit-based scholarships are offered to students with exceptional talents across multiple disciplines, including the arts, music, academic subjects, sports and community service.

These awards are granted on an annual basis and can be a reduction in fees starting from 10% of Tuition Fees and up to 100% of Tuition Fees. You can find out more about Scholarships here.

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Tuition Fees

  • What is included ?
  • You can find out which grade is appropriate for your child here.
  • Our Tuition Fees include:
  • All teaching resources required within the curriculum
  • VAT
  • All teacher-led extra-curricular activities. There are over 20 activities to choose from which vary per Term.
  • Whilst we have some school iPads available for younger children to use, we are a “Bring your own Device” (BYOD) environment and recommend students from Grade 1 to bring a personal learning device to school each and every day.
  • iPad is the device of choice and we provide a list of required applications (available in the student/family handbook).

Additional & Mandatory Expenses

Through the school year students will participate in school field trips, the winter ski / snow sports program and residential trips such as camp in the Spring for Grades 3-11. Families receive full details in advance. Estimates of the costs of these, based on previous years are:

Payment Terms

  • School fees are payable in advance of the relevant Term and are due at least one month before the beginning of that Term. School Tuition Fees are set annually and payable in three (3) installments:
  • Term 1: 40% of Tuition Fees
  • Term 2: 30% of Tuition Fees
  • Term 3: 30% of Tuition Fees
  • The financial commitment is for the full academic year unless departures during the year are requested using the withdrawal form submitted before or on the given deadlines.

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