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French Language Courses

VOXEA provides a range of courses suitable to all levels of attainment.
Pre-structured courses are available at times to suit you – during the day, or in the evenings.
We offer courses especially designed for Au Pairs, which can be taken once a week over a whole year.
For corporate clients we offer individually customised courses, which are delivered either on-site, or at the school, at times to suit the client.

Diplomas and tests

All courses in French can optionally lead to a formal qualification, either the Test d’Evaluation de Français, or the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Francaise (DELF)

French Courses

Standard Courses
French For Au Pairs

Intensive Courses
French Evening Classes

French Conversation
For Business

Film Reviews
Conversation Club

Standard French Courses

Our French courses are designed to support people in increasing their knowledge and fluency. They are taught in small groups of around 10 students, all of whom are at similar levels of attainment.

Classes are held during the day, from 08:30 to 12:00 or 13:00 to 16:30, depending on the level of students.

French For Au Pairs

VOXEA runs a French au-pair course every Wednesday afternoon. You can start this course every Wednesday if you are not a beginner for only 71.- for one week module
To meet the needs of au-pairs, this course is delivered over one half-day per week throughout the year, except during school holidays. The course leads optionally to a recognised qualification (DELF).

Intensive French Courses

These courses are designed for people who, in addition to the need to learn French and improve their language skills, want to strengthen their oral expression and comprehension.
Intensive French courses include the standard course material together with additional oral practice.
Courses are delivered to small groups of students all of whom are at around the same level.

French Evening Classes

Evening courses last 5 or 10 weeks and are designed for people who are unable to participate in classes during the day.
Courses are taught in small groups of people with similar levels of attainment, may concentrate on either oral, written skills or conversation and be targeted at the needs of Business communication, or personal development.

There are two possibilities :

Intensive Summer sessions (5 weeks/ 4 days a week)
Standard sessions (10 weeks / 2 days a week)
and you have a choice of four languages:
French (level A2 / B1)
German (level A2 / B1)
English (level A2 / B1)
Spanish (level A1)

IMPORTANT: Please note that as of June 2015, evening classes in French, English, and German are available for intermediate levels A2 / B1, and not for people with basic skills. Spanish evening classes are for beginners (level A1) only. Therefore, we kindly ask you to verify your exact knowledge before you enroll. You will find information and links to enable you to do this accurately on the registration form.

French Conversation

This course helps people to improve their skills in conversation and comprehension. Students are encouraged to talk spontaneously about topics that they find personally interesting.

French Business Courses

These courses are targeted at busy Professionals who need to improve their overall business communication skills and grasp of business terminology.
All courses can be taken optionally as preparation for a formal examination.

Film Reviews

Our film reviews are held every afternoon from 13.00 to 14.30. These classes will help you to expand and improve your French vocabulary. You will also gain an insight into French culture, which will enhance your general education.
5 – 12
Monday to Friday
13:00 – 14:30

Conversation Club

Our Conversation Club meets every evening from 18.30 to 20.00. These classes can help to improve your oral language skills and expand your vocabulary through discussions on subjects such as culture, politics and the different ways of life and customs in Switzerland.
5 – 12
Monday to Friday
18:30 – 20:00

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