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Evening Classes

Evening courses last 5 or 10 weeks and are designed for people who are unable to participate in classes during the day.

Courses are taught in small groups of people with similar levels of attainment, may concentrate on either oral, written skills or conversation and be targeted at the needs of Business communication, or personal development.

There are two possibilities :

Intensive Summer sessions (5 weeks/ 4 days a week)
Standard sessions (10 weeks / 2 days a week)
and you have a choice of four languages:
French (level A2 / B1)

German (level A2 / B1)
English (level A2 / B1)
Spanish (level A1)

IMPORTANT: Please note that as of June 2015, evening classes in French, English, and German are available for intermediate levels A2 / B1, and not for people with basic skills. Spanish evening classes are for beginners (level A1) only. Therefore, we kindly ask you to verify your exact knowledge before you enroll. You will find information and links to enable you to do this accurately on the registration form.

1 6 -12 STANDARD EVENING CLASSES Tuesday & Thursday 18:30 - 20:00 CHF 1'110.- all included 10 Weeks - 40 Lessons
2 6 -12 INTENSIVE EVENING CLASSES Tuesday & Thursday 18:30 - 20:00 CHF 1'110.- all included 5 Weeks - 40 Lessons

Dates Of Sessions

1 June 1.6.2015 2.7.2015
2 July 6.7.2015 6.8.2015
3 August 10.8.2015 10.9.2015
4 Autumn 15.9.2015 19.11.2015
5 Winter 5.1.2016 10.3.2016
6 Spring 15.3.2016 19.5.2016

The Various Examinations Are Held In The Months Below:

S.No examination Months
1 A2:SD2 March and June
2 B1 (New) March, June and December
3 B2 March, June and December
4 C1 June and December
5 C2:GDS June and December

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum