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Established in 1971, University IFM – Institute of Finance and Management is a renowned business school located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

At IFM, we only focus on business education and we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
IFM provides a transformative educational experience to give you a global perspective.

Our redesigned curriculum will help you to develop new skills and our programmes provide an excellent balance between theory and practice through effective learning processes.

Studies at IFM are an excellent choice for students who want be successful in Business.

Additionally, IFM is accredited by a premier accreditation body and is a recognised member of numerous associations and prestigious accreditation bodies.

IFM benefits from a solid reputation among recruiters. Every day, thousands of IFM graduates are successful in their business lives thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired at our Business School.

Corporate Services

Our team will find the right match for your business needs and job requirements with our wide range of student and alumni talent.

Simply tell us the type of profile you are looking for and when you need them, and we will provide you with a shortlist of possible candidates:

An intern
A summer intern

A summer job
A part-time employee

A young graduate for an internship
A young graduate for a job

An experimented graduate

Our Fees

You can view the IFM Fees 2016 – 2017 here.

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You can view the IFM Calendar 2017 – 2018 here.

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Located in the heart of Geneva, our urban and design campus is fully equipped with modern facilities.

The University is located in a prestigious building in the heart of the city of Geneva in the university and cultural area. We are also within short walking distance of thelake, the old town and the banking area. University IFM campus is newly refurbished and boasts modern technology and amenities. The campus is surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafés, art galleries and museums.

Rue des Bains 35
1205 Geneva

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum