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10 Reasons To Send Students To IFM:

1. 100% accredited business degrees offered by a Business School established since 1971 and with a significant experience in training future managers.
2. Cutting edge programs developed with input from business leaders.
3. 80% of faculty have a real international managerial experience.
4. Unique teaching style combining academic excellence and practical skills.
5. Top employment record with 4000 alumni in 100 countries. 32% of alumni have their own company, 80% of graduates found a job within 3 months (2015).

6. Real business exposure: we plug students into the business world.
7. Amazing location in the heart of Geneva’s city center in Switzerland.
8. Languages: courses are fully taught in English, or in French or bilingual (FR-EN).
9. Better return on investment with our fast-tracks programs, dual degrees, fees.
10. Classic or unique business specializations such as Banking, Trading or Consulting…

Renowned Business School

Established in 1971, IFM University is a business school located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. At IFM, we focus on business education. IFM provides a transformative educational experience to give you a global perspective. Our redesigned curriculum will help you to develop new skills and our programmes provide an excellent balance between theory and practice through effective learning processes.

Practical Education

Our programmes promote dynamic learning based on practice and interaction. The curriculums have been designed to equip you with real-life skills by using industry examples, business simulations, debates, team work and case studies. They give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and practice the skills in a real-life business setting.

High-caliber Faculty

Your course will be taught by professors who are industry experts and have real-business experience. A strong academic base, international and passionate faculty with exceptional skills, will ensure a rewarding student experience. Our faculty bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds. You will be fully prepared for success at the highest level in some of the world’s most recognised companies.

Human-sized Institution

At IFM, we are a human-sized institution. Our small-sized classes with a limited number of students provide a personalised approach with close professor contact, favour interactions, improve communication skills and increase academic achievement. At IFM, the sharing of ideas and cultures helps students form lifelong bonds. In addition, our active student club enables you to join numerous activities organised during the academic year.

Urban & Central Campus

The University is located in a modern building in the heart of the city of Geneva in the university area. IFM campus is newly refurbished and boasts the latest technology and amenities. Our classrooms are modern and comfortable. Our new computer lab is fitted with the latest networked iMacs. Students can relax in the new Student Lounge. We also provide fibre-optic connection as well as a free Wi-Fi allowing you to use your own device on the campus.

Fantastic Location

Geneva is located in Switzerland at the heart of Europe at the edge of Lake Leman. Geneva enjoys breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc peak and the Alps. Geneva is one of the world’s most international cities. Geneva is ranked 1st for best quality of life offered to expatriates. Geneva is a world leader in finance and a world trading hub. Switzerland is the most innovative and competitive country in the world. Switzerland is ranked 1st in Europe for start-ups. Geneva & Switzerland

Real-business Exposure

A range of managers and guest speakers come to IFM for presentations and discussions to offer you a wide range of professional possibilities. Visits to companies help you reach out and network with business communities. Examples include Nestlé, Easyjet, Piaget, Swiss Italian Bank, Novartis, Breitling, Roger Dubuis, Merrill Lynch Bank, Reuters, World Trade Organization, Gillette, Philip Morris, Evian, DuPont, HSBC, Total, UBS, etc

Career Development

At IFM, we work with you to achieve your personal career goals and aspirations. We help you to secure future employment by offering essential training through practical career workshops in key areas. We also individually advise students. We provide online jobs and an internship research system. By completing our programmes, you will gain tools, skills and knowledge needed to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s competitive business world.

Employment Record

We have an excellent employment record. Our graduates are highly sought after and benefit from salaries substantially above average. Our alumni now occupy key roles in a wide variety of business, commercial, media, governmental and public service organisations. Companies such as Cargill, UBS, Richemont, ABB, Morgan Stanley, Total, Capital, HSBC, Citigroup, Procter & Gamble, Reuters, Caterpillar, Gucci, have recruited IFM graduates.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum