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Bachelor students can choose to start their studies in either French-speaking Le Bouveret or German-speaking Lucerne, where the emphasis is on practical skills and premium customer service. During the final year all students are located in German-speaking Brig, where studies focus on the managerial and strategic aspects of international business.

All Postgraduate and Master courses are held in Brig and are designed for university graduates or candidates with extensive work experience, who seek a career change or wish to advance their existing career in the global hospitality and tourism industry.

Academic Facilities

At César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, learning continues beyond the classroom walls. This is why each campus offers ideal study conditions and leisure facilities.

The multi-campus approach balances theoretical and practical learning resources in a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art facilities, from the latest PCs, to projectors and electronic whiteboards in the classroom, right through to lecture theatres, production kitchens, a formal dining room and the campus buildings themselves. Students practise service styles, banquet and event management skills both on and off campus on special occasions and at community service events.

Each campus has its own modern library providing access to a specialised collection of books and research materials. An innovative online facility allows students to search for and reserve materials and also offers access to an extensive collection of electronic resources.

An International Environment

The hotel and tourism industry is, by its very nature, cosmopolitan, requiring workers to adapt to an international environment. César Ritz Colleges graduates work all over the world, building their careers at home or abroad, where dealing with colleagues, customers and partners of varying nationalities is always a key requirement.

At César Ritz Colleges Switzerland this internationalism begins on campus, where over 60 nationalities are represented.

In a typical day students can lunch with classmates from South America, play soccer with German colleagues, share a tutorial with students from Kenya and China, chat with a roommate from Australia and spend the evening with your Swiss friends!

Through interacting with peers students are encouraged to look at life in a different way, learning the ways of other nationalities. This multicultural environment at César Ritz Colleges offers a unique learning atmosphere, fostering true cultural awareness.

Which Campus Is Right For Me?

Le Bouveret campus if you would like to experience the French-speaking region of Switzerland and discover the Lake Geneva region. Le Bouveret is a small town located on the shores of the lake.

Lucerne campus for your first two years of studies if you wish to do your internships in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. The Lucerne campus is located in the heart of the city of Lucerne, only 45 minutes away from Zurich.

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