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Chantemerle is a 5-day or 7-day boarding school. Boarding students study, eat and sleep at Chantemerle. Most of them return home for the weekend.

Chantemerle is also a day school for students who live locally. Day students benefit from flexible arrivals and departure times between 07h45 and 19h30. They attend class with the full board students, may have three meals / day and can participate in all the extra-curriculum activities at no cost.

At Chantemerle we believe that personal development, sports and artistic activities are as important as academic success. Every day has its afterclass activity program in place.

Within a warm and friendly atmosphere, students of different ages and nationalities learn to live together with harmony and respect for others. Once they have left Chantemerle, as adults, they will continue their lives with the strong sense of solidarity and friendship that characterizes our school.

Students are housed in pleasant 2, 3 or 4 bedded rooms and are acommodated according to their age, gender and friendship. The children are encouraged to decorate their rooms with personal items. The rooms may also be used as a study area, or to simply relax.

At Chantemerle, the Wegmüller family and certain staff members reside on the premises near the children. This allows children to be well and safely accomodated. Anne White, our school nurse lives in the school and is attentive to any health-related issues that may arise.

Maintaining a strong family link with parents is essential. At Chantemerle, the use of electronic devices is permitted on weekends in order to not distract children during the week, children can be contacted by phone/skype through our computer room.

Healthy eating and learning to eat healthy is important at Chantemerle. Our school recently received the Fourchette Verte quality label which promotes a well balanced meals with particular emphasis on serving fresh fruits and vegetables bought from local farmers. Every Sunday, Chantemerle’s chef bakes our own traditional bread.

Chantemerle welcomes you to discuss any specific dietary requirements for your child.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum