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A Major Challenge in Teaching Is to Address the Heterogeneity of Classes and Value Students Differences

School is a challenge for all children affected by learning disabilities. The most common disorders are specific deficits in reading and writing (dyslexia), those related to maths (dyscalculia), attention or hyperactivity problems.

The school plays a central role not only in the diagnosis but also in assisting the child with learning disorders. Chantemerle is not able to provide direct specialist help. However, small classes and informed teachers together with the assistance of specially trained external therapists (as needed) help build confidence and results.

Early diagnosis and monitoring

  • The diagnosis of a learning disability must be established as soon as possible, to successfully set up using the most effective for the affected child. To this end, a speech specialist / French speech therapist is attached to the school and participates in diagnostic and weekly monitoring in partnership with parents and teachers.
  • Training courses are set up to train our teachers and facilitate the implementation of specific educational activities in the classroom setting and in the boarding school, for example:

Specific Educational Management

  • learning methods adapted to the needs of all students
  • Special courses and examination management
  • Explain to the class the need for educational facilities
  • Reassure and encourage

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum