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Afterclass Activities During the School Year

  • At Chantemerle we believe that personal growth and well being, sports and artistic activities are as important as academic success. Every day has its afterclass activity program in place that is coordinated by professional teachers and educators.

Chantemerle’s four traditional sports

At Chantemerle all students are encouraged to participate to the following four sports:

    • Team sports (rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball)
    • Self defense/martial arts (ju jitsu/nunchaku)
    • Target sports (archery, air shooting)
    • Running & swimming

Artistic activities

Live art and performance skills are important at Chantemerle. Twice a year, our students participate in the Chantemerle’s Talent Show where they can put in practice what they have learned during the year.

  • Theatre and improvisation
  • Breakdance and ballroom dancing
  • Singing
  • Piano and guitar
  • Circus skills

Other sports

    • Tennis (private lessons available)
    • ski, snowboard, iceskating
    • Mountain hikes

Excursions, visits around Switzerland

Many excursions and visits are organized thoughtout the year. Chantemerle owns its own private buses with professional drivers. Our classic trips include:

  • Walking in the mountain (Chambery, Morgins, Moléson, Pléaides, Paccots)
  • Shopping in the city
  • Promenade around lake Geneva
  • Visits to Swiss Historic cities (Lausanne, Bern, Bâle)
  • Visits to museums (Musée de l’Alimentarium, Musée Suisse du Jeu, Musée Giannada, Fondation Beyeler, Musée de l’art brut )
  • Underground Salt Mines of Bex, Chocolate Factory Nestlé, Castle of Gruyères, Castle of Chillon
  • Visit of the university of Lausanne and the EPFL
  • Overnight excursions at Europa-Park in Germany
  • Picnics and blueberry picking

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum