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Bilingual Elemantary and Primary Sections

The primary section at Chantemerle offers small class sizes allowing individual and personalized attention. As early as age of four, students at Chantemerle pre-school section begin to explore the stimulating world of learning in an international environment. The preschool is taught by professional and caring French and British teachers.

The aim of the primary section is to achieve basic literacy, numeracy and methodology skills, building a solid foundation for the secondary section. The curriculum is based on the seven key knowledge and competencies of the French National Education, with a particular emphasis on calculus, French grammar, and foreign language skills (English and German).

This rigorous system was established in the 18th century and is regulated by the French Ministry of Education. Updated programs and teaching directives are published several times a year in the Bulletin Officiel de l’Education Nationale (B.O.) that is used as a teaching reference worldwide.

Internal and national examinations (Epreuves cantonales, Cambridge and DELF exams) are regularly implemented across the years to assess knowedge acquisition and to validate our teaching methods.

A large percentage of students who begin at Chantemerle become so proficient in French and English that they are able to continue their studies in any of these two languages. More specifically, international students and local expats who follow our French Immersion Program learn French in one academic school year while following their original class program.

After one year, students may continue their studies at Chantemerle or re-integrate into their original curriculum. German is the other important foreign language taught at Chantemerle and initiation to the German language is offered in cycle 3 of the primary section.

Being outdoors and close to nature is part of students’ life offering a balanced environment to children. We have our own playgrounds, garden and terrace overlooking the lake. Live arts and performance also play an important role in the life of Chantemerle students.

In particular, ballroom dancing as well as circus and clown workshops are organized once a week in preparation of the bi-annual school’s Talent Show. Most of our students also play an instrument (piano or guitar) and are encouraged to sing in the school’s choir.

Secondary Section

An Ambitious Academic Program Leading Preparing For International, French And Swiss High School Programs

Chantemerle’s curriculum is based on the French National Education guidelines with a strong focus in Maths, French, English and German.

Chantemerle’s secondary section accomodates up to 30 students ages 11 to 16 and prepares for the “Brevet National des Collèges” examination. Non-French speaking students can also enter this section through the French immersion programme.

Our educational approach:

To recognise each students’ existing knowledge and potential and to build on it

To build a solid foundation in Maths, French and languages

To develop self-confidence, discipline and autonomy

To teach each student that with the right mindset and hardwork they can learn anything

To involve the parents as partners to help us implement our educational vision

Our main objective:

The main objective at the secondary level is to consolidate the primary foundations and to build the core knowledge and skills necessary for succeeding in high school and University.

Our key strengths:

An internationally recognised curriculum (Education Nationale Française)

An innovative, yet traditional teaching approach

A structured, stable family setting

A unique French immersion program for non French speaking students

A motivated and experienced teaching staff

Program overview:

    • The program is based on the 7 key competencies of the French national core curriculum with a strong emphasis on Maths, French writing, English and German. The French “Brevet National des Collèges” as well as the ECR of the canton de Vaud (Epreuve cantonale de référence) help assess students’ knowledge acquisition and to validate our teaching methods.
    • Access to high school programs is possible in any school system (International, Swiss French). Students willing to enter public high schools in canton de Vaud can join our 11e HarmoS program. Chantemerle partners with Alphalif in Lausanne to offer full board residency to students willing to prepare the Swiss federal maturity.

2014 results :

  • 13/14 success in “Brevet des Collèges”
  • 100% success in DELF and Cambridge exams

French immersion program:

  • Chantemerle welcomes foreign students as well as local expats willing to improve their French skills. During the school year, permission is usually granted from the student’s main school, as time abroad and additional foreign languages are highly esteemed by universities, and add value to a student’s application.
  • This unique program is designed for non French-speaking students who wish to learn French and experience life in a French-speaking environmentl. Students can join for short stay (2 weeks) or longer term programs (up to 10 months). A minimum of three months is recommended to prepare and pass the DELF examination, an internationally recognized diploma in French language. The program is also available during the summer.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum