5 Benefits of Choosing To Study in Switzerland

While undergoing the process of finding a school for their children, many parents look abroad to see if other global education systems can offer a more comprehensive experience and programme. Switzerland is renowned for having an incredibly high-quality public-sector, and as a result is schools, both private and state, are held in incredibly high esteem. With this in mind, here are a few other benefits to choosing to study in this diverse European country.

Multiple languages

If you’re looking to study abroad for the chance to learn a new language, then Switzerland is the ideal country to learn in. It is home to French, Italian and German, which are all spoken across its 26 cantons. As a result, its schools often teach a variety of these languages to ensure that children don’t rely on just one lingua franca.

A safe place to live

Switzerland experiences one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and perhaps its progressive approach to immigration and criminal retribution might be why. In fact, most of Switzerland’s crimes are continuing to drop, making it a remarkably safe place to live. This means that enjoying the European lifestyle can come with the added benefit of living in an incredibly secure country.

The Alps

If you’re sporty, love skiing or snowboarding, or just love experiencing the clean mountain air, then Switzerland is home to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. For those who would like to get out and enjoy the outdoors more, or for those who would like to practice their skills on-piste, Switzerland’s dramatic backdrop provides numerous sporting opportunities. It’s also an ideal place to stay for school winter-camps, where you have time and leisure on your side for learning a new winter sport.

Best universities

Whether you’re choosing to send your children over to Switzerland for secondary education, or whether you’re considering university, it’s good to know what Switzerland’s education system has also produced some of the world’s finest universities. In fact, they have consistently made Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings’ top 100. Two of these universities are for technology, which means any future engineers or scientists would be well at home studying in this country.

Value of experience

For Swiss children who choose not to follow on with education, there is a strong significance put on apprenticeships. Switzerland’s value of vocational qualifications means that as well as the academic side of learning, there is also a value placed on building up useful experiences in the real world. It’s this universal approach to learning that makes their education system so comprehensive.

What makes Switzerland’s education system so appealing is its universal approach to education. It doesn’t allow its students to pick just one aspect of education that they’re good at but instead encourages them to enjoy learning from all aspects of the curriculum. Whether they pick up an interest in skiing, learn how to cook or take to learning French, it’s the opportunity to do so, which will have enabled them to discover their new hobby or ability.

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