Why send your children to a summer camp in Switzerland?

For some parents, sending their children to a camp over the summer is the ideal option for growing and expanding their minds. Others may be hesitant at the idea or worried about what they could gain from such an experience.

Sending them overseas can show them a whole new culture and environment while picking up knowledge along the way. It’s a chance to boost their confidence, and try new activities they may not have has access to previously. Below are just a few of the benefits you should consider about a summer camp.

A chance to learn a new language

Switzerland is a truly unique European country as it speaks not just one language, but three. There are French, German an Italian-speaking cantons all within this incredibly diverse country.

Optional French and English courses give your children not only the chance to socialise and have fun, but also pick up a new skill while they’re abroad. Learning from their own personal level allows them to grow and develop at their own rate, without any pressure.

Enjoying nature

Sending your kids to a summer camp in one of Europe’s most beautiful regions means they will be enjoying outdoor activities among nature at its absolute finest. Switzerland has a real commitment to protecting its environment, which include everything from ambitious CO2-reduction targets and a commitment to biodiversity, which currently sees its natural environment being host to around 50,000 living species. Their devotion to protecting and cleaning their countryside means your children will be enjoying one of the most eco-friendly and balanced countryside environments in the world.

New hobbies

Everyday life makes it hard to truly offer children the chance to test out and try new interests. The limited time in our daily life means that it’s not always possible to try something new every week, or switch up our weekly routine with a new sports club. Sending your children to a summer camp will give them a wealth of options that are available to them immediately. Whether they want to try circus-training or ultimate Frisbee, they will have the resources and accessibility to do so.

Lifelong friends

A Summer camp is not just a chance to learn new skills and hobbies, but also an opportunity to make new friends. Going away for the summer with other children from diverse and interesting backgrounds means that they will potentially make lifelong friends and learn about other cultures in the process.

By branching out and talking to new people, they will immediately boost their own confidence and come back with social skills that will carry them through any new school or job environment in the future.

Many parents may think that, in order to go to a summer camp, their child must have something to gain from it. Sending your little ones to a summer camp in Switzerland will give them life-long skills that they will take into not only their next academic year but also their lives.

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