Considering sending your children to a Swiss Winter camp? Here’s what you should know

Sending your children away to either a summer or winter camp is great for building their confidence. Switzerland is not only home to some of three different language-speaking regions, but also some of the best schools in the world.

Going to a winter camp will not only introduce them to one of the most pristine winter wonderlands they could imagine but also a great opportunity to socialise and learn new cultural skills.

Magical experiences

By attending a winter camp in Switzerland, your children will be going to a country that enjoys some of the most beautiful winters in the worlds. Switzerland sits right at the epicentre of the Alps, which not only makes for some of the most beautiful mountain regions but also some of the highest. The Swiss Alps and glaciers can reach heights of over 4,000 metres tall.

If you want your children to learn how to ski in one of the most perfect environments for novice skiers, then Switzerland has it all. The sheer size of Switzerland’s skiing resorts means that your children will have plenty of space to learn and develop in their own time. It’s the perfect place to learn winter sports and build confidence on the slaloms, and all under the supervision and guidance of an ENSR teacher.

If your kids decide that skiing isn’t for them, then you needn’t worry. Your children will also get to enjoy experiences that are usually the subject of movies, such as snowman building and sleighing. This ensures that your children will have fun in the pristine winter landscape, regardless if they take to the pistes or not.


While holiday camps allow your children an opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy the winter landscape, they are also a great method of education. The reason that Switzerland constantly achieves so highly in its education system is its health mixture of traditional education methods, vocational skills set and diverse skills sets. This is why, when your children aren’t skiing they’ll be picking up a new language or learning a new skill such as cuisine or pastry-making.

This devotion to teaching children a wide variety of skills is why winter camps provide such a vital role in filling children with confidence. By introducing them to extra-curricular activities and allowing them to socialise with other children, they will not only potentially make friends for life, but diversify their knowledge and abilities. By attending a winter camp, they may well not only pick up new skills, but also new friends, confidence – and potentially even a new language.

Winter camps are a great opportunity for children to enjoy the Swiss countryside at its absolute finest. Learning how to ski and make friends in the process is a special opportunity that could be treasured by them in later in life. Of course, however, it’s not just about winter sports and making friends – winter camp is about diversifying their skills set and ensuring that they leave the winter camp much more confident and well-rounded than when they arrived.

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