Why choose a Swiss boarding school?

If you’re currently viewing prospectuses with your child and deciding on which boarding school to send them to, you may have considered an international option. Sending your child to a boarding school in Switzerland will not only bring them some of the highest-regarded education in the world, but it will also expose them to new cultures and language skills that they wouldn’t generally have access domestically. With this in mind, here are a few things to deliberate if you’re considering a Swiss boarding school.

Switzerland’s education standard

Switzerland’s education is considered one of the best in the word. When you consider that their state education system is so heavily invested in from public expenditure, and as a result the standard is so high, the private and boarding schools there have a lot to live up to and exceed.

Beyond primary and secondary education, Switzerland is also renowned for its university education, namely technology and engineering. The reason for this is that Switzerland doesn’t just prioritise academic needs, it opts for a much bigger picture – ensuring that children adopt vocational skills as well as the necessary academic excellence to propel them through life.


With Switzerland’s education standard being so high, you may be wondering – why send my child to a boarding school? As well as its state education system, Switzerland’s boarding schools are some of the most highly respected in the world. With such a high national standard to match, they provide their children with the best quality education they can offer. Not only this, but it also gives children a sense of independence.

While away at boarding school they will acquire the mindset and skills to be self-sufficient and confident. Making friends and studying on their own terms is something that they will cultivate by themselves, which is something that will translate time and time again throughout their life.


You may already know that Switzerland learns three main languages: German, French and Italian. This approach to being multi-lingual is adopted in its schooling system, too, which means that children will be learning a second language in a country that excels as being bilingual and multi-lingual. They will be making friends with children from a diverse set of backgrounds, and with different linguistic skills, which means their socialising will be multi-cultural, on top of the academic side of things. On top of this, they will be exposed to new cuisines and activities that will broaden their cultural palate. Whether they learn how to cook or watch theatre in a different language, they will be experiencing new cultures in a brand new environment.

Many parents will want to send their children to boarding school with the expectation of independence and academic achievement. A Swiss boarding school will help them to achieve both of these things, but on top of that, they will acquire an even more diverse set of skills. Not only will they make friends for life, but they’ll also inherit a cultural understanding and awareness that they may not achieve anywhere else.

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