What To Expect From Collège Du Léman: A Guide

Collège Du Léman in Geneva has established itself as one of the highest regarded international schools in the world. Over 20,000 alumni have passed through the school, taking on its key values of openness, internationalism, and co-operation. Today it is a home for more than 1900 students representing over 100 nationalities, providing them with not only
a first-class education, but also incredible life experiences, talents, and skills to enable them to find their place in the world. Collège Du Léman is both a day and boarding school for children aged 2-18, but also runs summer and winter camps outside of term time.

A Brief History of Collège Du Léman

Francis and Inge Clivaz opened the school in 1960 after noticing that Geneva was becoming a hub for international organisations and businesses. They believed that the city needed a school which could provide an education for students from all over the world who could learn
together in a safe, collaborative, and inspiring atmosphere.

Summer and Winter Camps at Collège Du Léman

The holiday camps at Collège du Léman play a key role in the development of their students. In order to help students to become confident and to find their unique value, a holistic approach to learning is necessary. This is why the classroom is only part of a child’s
journey at Collège du Léman. The summer and winter camps provide children aged 4-18 with the opportunity to express their individuality and to challenge themselves with a wide range of activities.

The summer camp, for example, offers the following programmes:

1 The Genius Programme

The Genius Programme is perfect for students who thrive on knowledge and includes learning languages, exploring science, robotics or computer programming as well as international politics and leadership.

2 The Action Programme

This programme is designed for students who prefer to be creative and active and includes sports, drama, music, and art from water sports, horse riding and circus tricks to dancing and painting.

3 The Masters Programme

Students who would like to combine knowledge with activities can choose the Master’s Programme. This enables the student to take an option from the Genius Programme in the morning and an option from the Action Programme in the afternoon.

While camps run between 9am and 5pm, students who are boarding are also offered a programme of evening and weekend activities including cultural tours, sports, swimming pool time, social events and excursions in the local area including free time in the centre of Geneva and trips to the countryside.

Winter camps take place during the winter break and are designed to promote active minds and healthy bodies.

Students between the ages of 7-18 are given the opportunity to attend ski weekends throughout the year, but the week-long ski camp is a real highlight for many. Students stay in shared accommodation with meals and drinks provided. The camp includes fully insured skiing and snowboarding lessons from experienced and qualified tutors (including the option for private half-day lessons) and ‘après-ski activities’ organised by the Collège du Léman tutors and supervisors.

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