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Are you a Human Resources Executive looking to hear fresh perspectives on Human Resources’ contribution to business performance, talent management and career development?
Have you recently started your career in Human Resources and are looking to take the next step in your career development?
Are you a student considering a career as a Human Resources Professional?
Are you a business manager who wants to better understand the working of the HR function and/ or increase its efficiency and contribution?

MBU Offers Shorter Programs With Minimum 3 Months or 6 Months Finishing Diplomae.

Our HR flagship program offers three distinct certifications (each is 3 months) and its emphasis is on:

CERTIFICATE I – HR in a Global Environment :

Global Strategic HR
Planning of Human Capital and Resources,
Mergers & Acquisitions from an HR perspective

CERTIFICATE II – Rewards & Compensation Structures :

Global Total Rewards
Compensation Systems characterization & design
Benefits Systems in a global environment

CERTIFICATE III – Talent Management :

Global Talent Management
Cultural Due Diligence
Cross cultural talent acquisition, development and retention

Each of those certificates requires 3 full time courses to complete which can be taken:

On ground in Montreux-Territet
Distance, blended (flying teachers)

The modules are 10 weeks each, so less than 3 months to complete a trimester or certificate.

What Programs Do We Offer At The MBU Human Resources Management Center?

In addition to the range of undergraduate and graduate courses at MBU, the Human Resources Management Center provides seminars of between 3 to 5 days as follows:

Increasing HR’s Business Contribution
Rewarding Performance with Pay and Benefits
Talent Management…Beyond Recession
Developing a career in HR

Additionally, seminars can be designed to meet special needs as requested and seminars will be added to the standard offerings as they become available.

Regardless of where you are in your career, MBU’s tailored approach to business education can give you new perspectives on HR management, self-development and career orientation. You will learn from practitioners and experts who bring their experience in teaching the hard and soft skills necessary for success. Our approach emphasizes the development of personality and emotional intelligence with the techniques and methodologies needed to be successful in this business discipline. It also recognizes the importance of health and wellness as essential ingredients to business success.

Furthermore, MBU organizes business meetings and/or lunches with local entrepreneurs and various professionals to enable you to create new connections and grow your business network.

Key Benefits

Some key benefits of the MBU HRM Center

After completion of MBU seminars/trainings, participants will have an international perspective on different aspects of HRM and will be able to make immediate and effective contributions to the HR function in their own organizations. This is achieved through:

attracting/retaining and developing employee motivation and engagement
developing organizational and individual success criteria
planning and renewing personal development
demonstrating and identifying talents and competencies

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum