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What Masters Programs Do We Offer?

MSc – Master of Science in International Management

12-Month Program + 6-Month internship and thesis / 60 US credits OR 90 ECTS

Students in the Master of Science in International Management program have the opportunity to specialize in:

International Management
Human Resource Management

This MBU program seeks to broaden the students’ business and human-centered skills and cover the main functional areas of management to offer a cohesive understanding of management and businesses.

This MBU graduate program intends to:

Provide a highly integrated study of business and management as concerns mainly markets, customers, finance, people, operations, IT, business policy and strategy;

Develop an understanding of the changing nature of the links between organizations and the external environment in which they operate;

Develop cognitive, intellectual, personal and transferable skills that include critical thought, creativity, numeracy, problem-solving, information management, team working, self-awareness, leadership, performance management, ethical and cultural sensitivity ;

Enhance the employability of graduates through the continuous exposure to real-life problems, corporate visits and talks delivered by executives, researchers and academics who are at the forefront of knowledge;

Assist students in their first stages of employment or internship through the development of job-related skills.


All inclusive tuition fees:

EU and Swiss citizens:

CHF 8,750 per semester (based on three semesters per year)

International students:

CHF 11,000 per semester (based on three semesters per year)

Our MSc fees include:

  • Administration fees
  • Application and visa fees
  • Study Abroad Trip – tuition fees
  • Additional fees
  • Health insurance (CHF 1’000 per year – required)
  • Textbooks or e-books (CHF 800 – optional)
  • Master’s thesis fees: CHF 2,500

The thesis/dissertation fees are an additional charge to our MSc students and include thesis supervision by our professors.


Each student gets one academic credit for sport activities.

The cost of sport membership per year is CHF 500 which includes access to: tennis, swimming pool, gym.

Student loans

Students can apply for different loans available in their own countries and are eligible to apply for their studies at MBU. American students can also apply for a Stafford Loan Program.

Tuition payment policy

Full payment of the tuition fees is due upon receipt of the acceptance letter and invoice and prior to the students appointment at the Embassy.

For all EU and Swiss citizens: tuition fees are to be paid in full upon receipt of the invoice.

G.Patrick Gruhn

Tim Daum